The Way Gmetal Ship Your Metal Parts

Cooperating with highly professional freight agents in China, Gmetal works together to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices compliance. Based on your specific requirements, we select the most optimal transportation methods to deliver your metal products.

Every month, we ship hundreds of containers of metal components to over 100 countries worldwide. Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality parts, fostering mutual growth within your business.

Gmetal Shipping Service including the following steps:

  1. Packaging: Proper packaging is essential to ensure parts are protected during shipping. Packaging should be designed to prevent damage from vibration, shock, moisture and other potential hazards. Depending on the size and fragility of the part, Gmetal selects appropriate packaging materials such as foam, bubble wrap, cardboard, wooden boxes, or custom-designed containers.
  2. Labeling and Documentation: Gmetal will clearly label packages with basic information such as sender and recipient addresses, contact details and any handling instructions. Depending on destination and regulations, include all necessary shipping and customs documents such as invoices, packing lists and certificates of origin.
  3. Transportation method: Gmetal will provide you with a suitable transportation method according to the size and weight of the parts you need, delivery urgency and budget. Shipping options range from standard ground to expedited air or ocean.
  4. Insurance: Gmetal will consider purchasing transportation insurance based on the value and sensitivity of metal stampings to cover potential damage, loss or theft during transportation. Insurance can give you peace of mind and financial protection should unforeseen events occur.
  5. Tracking and Visibility: Gmetal selects your shipping provider with tracking services so you can monitor the progress of your shipment. Real-time tracking helps identify any delays or issues and provides estimated delivery dates.
  6. Returns and Exchanges: Have a clear policy in place for handling returns, exchanges, or replacements in case metal stampings are shipped damaged or not as expected.
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How Gmetal Ship Your Goods from China

About Shipping
GMP Air Freight


Gmetal will choose the best shipping options based on the final order amount. We will ship your metal parts with the below shipping methods.

  • Sea freight
  • Air freight
  • Railway freight
  • Truck Shipping
  • Express Shipping
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