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We are the best patener for your metal fasterning and stamping parts.

GMP is located at Zhaoyi village, Yiqiao Industrial Zone Yiqiao Town, Xiaoshan Hnagzhou, Zhejiang, China. We specialized in the fabrication of different types of fasterning and stamping parts such as galvanized steel Ubolts, zinc plated steel Ublts, Anchor Bolts, and more for metal stamping parts production.

We are well-equipped with advanced  metal fabrication equipments including , Puchining Machine, Thread rolling machine, Drilling machine, Wraping machine and more. Aside from that, we also own  NC bending machine, Machine Center, CNC lathe, Single beam crane, Engine lathe, Surface grinder, Drilling and milling machine.

  • Why GMP


While there are many companies that fabricate fasterning and stamping parts, GMP goes far beyond that limited scope to deliver comprehensive sourcing, manufacturing, and supplier services to deliver solutions that can contribute to the operation of your business.

GMP’s team of experienced and knowledgeable product, sourcing, and application experts. Our company’s  capabilities are further extended by its aligned manufacturing capabilities, along with its extensive service and support assets. Every day, Gmetal’s capabilities are applied in the development and implementation of programs to solve customer problems and optimize customer operations.

GMP’s Fasteners and stamping parts  proven industry solutions that effectively eliminate production downtime, save cost, and reduce in-house inventory. In addition to distribution and logistical support for fasteners, industrial supplies, and hardware. GMP’s custom inventory management services help customers secure the lowest total cost of inventory. Furthering its ability to meet customer needs, GMP also offers extensive manufacturing capabilities.

Applications in Different Industries

GMP can manufacture any metal fasterning and stampting parts for your applications. Below are our products applied in different areas:

  • Telecommunications

GMP can fabricate fasterning and stamping parts that are ready to use for communication facilities ,telecom and antenna mount

  • Marine & Automobile

GMP can provide boat and automotive parts through our metal forming and stamping capabilities.

  • Solar Power Industry

GMP can create metal fabrications used for solar brackets to withstand solar panels.

  • Constructions

GMP services can make metal fabrication for producing construction parts such as Ubolt, Anchor bolt and more.


  • Application Telecommnication
  • Application Solar
  • Application Construction
  • Quality Control

Strict Quality Control

The purpose of our quality control and strict management is “To provide the best”. Thus, GMP has strict quality control management that is certified by ISO9001.

GMP has an expert engineering team that specializes in machining processes. We have inspection equipment and tools to assure that all your requirements are met. Our team assures quality inspection from material selection, production, end products, and before shipment.

And we will continue to strive for improvement to satisfy your diverse requirements. Our goal is to provide world-class services and products.


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