Bent Anchor Bolts: An Overview

The Gulian Company, a distinguished distributor and fabricator of bent anchor bolts, excels in creating top-tier, galvanized, and stainless steel L bolts for a myriad of structural, concrete, and masonry applications. Our bent anchor bolts align with the construction industry’s rigorous standards. We supply a variety of L-shaped anchor bolts and steel L-shaped bolts, offering competitive prices, swift turnaround, and immediate shipping for many of our products.

In the realm of construction, anchor bolts are pivotal for supporting beams, plates, ledgers, and other structural elements in edifices, and for securing beams and structures to masonry and concrete. These bolts are integral in walls, columns, and framing to bolster beams and plates in both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. Furthermore, they serve to firmly anchor signs, support foundations, beams, and structures within concrete or masonry.

Our stainless steel and galvanized anchor bolts, comprising a threaded end, nut, and washer, boast an L-shaped end to ensure a steadfast anchor. The Gulian Company specializes in bespoke sizes and threading to meet the specific needs of your application. Our anchor bolts are available in various materials and finishes:

  • Carbon Steel with a Plain Finish
  • Carbon Steel with Hot Dip Galvanizing

We also produce anchor bolts that conform to ASTM A563 standards, if required.

Bent Anchor Bolts in Detail

Specific scenarios call for the use of 90° J-shaped or L-shaped bent anchor bolts, known for their robustness and resilience, essential in supporting industrial, concrete, and structural projects. These heavy-duty bolts are frequently employed in commercial environments where a 90° anchor bolt is needed to support significant load capacities.

Gulian, a leader in the anchor bolts industry, provides structural and industrial 90° anchor bolts tailored for concrete support requirements. For further details on our safety head bolt offerings, feel free to reach out to us. Our team at 86-13336112926 is ready to assist with any inquiries regarding J-shaped or L-shaped bent anchor bolts.

Applications of Bent 90° Anchor Bolts

Bent anchor bolts, designed for heavy-duty fastening, are embedded in concrete to underpin applications demanding enhanced load support. The bent segment of the 90° anchor bolt is engineered to generate resistance, preventing the bolt from withdrawing from the concrete foundation under applied force. Direct applications of L-shaped bolts include:

  • Lighting poles
  • Bridges
  • Floor plates
  • Columns
  • Sign structures
  • Heavy-duty machinery

Advantages of Structural Bent Anchor Bolts

An industrial anchor bolt is a headless fastener with a semi-threaded shank. Its top unthreaded section is bent at 90 degrees, augmenting load support capabilities. The design of the 90° anchor bolt offers superior anchoring strength for various applications. Key benefits of using industrial bent anchor bolts are:

  • Innovative angled configuration
  • Robust heavy-duty build
  • Exceptional holding strength
  • Multiple size choices

Size Variants of Bent Anchor Bolts

Understanding that each project has unique requirements, Gulian offers a range of L-shaped bolt sizes to match specific needs. Our 90°anchor bolts are available in multiple sizes, including lengths of:

  • 8 inches
  • 10 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 18 inches

For specific inquiries about our anchor bolt sizes, contact us for prompt assistance. As a leading provider in the industry, Gulian offers an extensive selection of J-shaped and L-shaped anchor bolt products.

Reach Out to Value Fastener for Bent Anchor Bolts

For more information on our 90° anchor bolt products and their advantages for your upcoming project, contact us. Alternatively, request a quote for detailed pricing information. Gulian is your premier source for all types of fasteners and related products.

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