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Gmetal manufactures Eye Bolts in different size and surface finishes to meet your needs.

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  • Eye Bolt 1
  • Eye Bolt 2
  • Eye Bolt 3
  • Eye Bolt 4
  • Eye Bolt 5
  • Eye Bolt 6

Gmetal Eye Bolt

Eye Bolts are used to firmly attach a securing eye to a structure, so that ropes or cables may then be tied to it.

The Material: Low Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

The Surface: Plain, Zinc Plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Powder Coating, Copper Plated

Thread Size Working Load Limit
3/8”-16 2700
1/2”-13 2700
5/8”-11 5000
3/4”-10 5000
1/4”-20 520
5/15”-18 840
7/16”-14 1700
7/8”-9 10000
1”-8 10000


The Usage of Eyebolt

Applications of Eye Bolt

The material of  Eye Bolts are commonly made of stainless steel or low carbon steel to provide strength and durability. The following are the main applications of Gmetal Eye Bolts:

  • Lifting and rigging: Eye bolts are widely used in lifting and rigging operations. They provide a secure attachment point for hooks, slings, chains, or other lifting equipment, enabling the safe lifting and suspension of heavy loads.
  • Material handling: Eye bolts are utilized in material handling applications, such as attaching lifting straps, ropes, or cables for moving or transporting objects. They are commonly used in warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and logistics operations.
  • Marine and boating: Eye bolts find extensive use in marine and boating applications. They are employed for rigging, mooring, or securing equipment on boats, docks, or marine structures. Eye bolts are crucial for anchoring, attaching ropes, or creating tie-down points.
  • Outdoor recreational activities: Eye bolts are utilized in outdoor recreational activities like camping, hiking, or rock climbing. They can be used for securing tents, hammocks, tarps, or creating anchor points for belaying or rappelling.
  • Industrial equipment and machinery: Eye bolts are employed in industrial settings for securing or lifting equipment, machinery, or structural components. They provide a reliable connection point for attaching hoists, slings, or other lifting devices.
  • Automotive and vehicle applications: Eye bolts find use in automotive and vehicle-related applications. They can be used for securing cargo, attaching tow ropes or straps, or creating tie-down points on trailers, trucks, or recreational vehicles.

Special Types of Eye Bolt

  • Anchor eyebolts: Eyebolts with some form of anchor bolt to enable fastening into masonry structures.
  • Screw eyes (or eye screws): The are similar to an eyebolt but with a wood screw in place of a machine screw. These are used for attaching an eye to wood or plastic structures. Small screw eyes are used to hang picture frames and curtain wire.
  • Ring bolt: An eyebolt with a captive ring passing through the eye of the head, effectively forming two chain links. This can reduce bending forces on an eyebolt.
  • Eye nut: An eye nut is actually a nut which serves the same purpose as an eyebolt, although they are sometimes identified as eyebolts in catalogs.
  • Pigtail eye bolts: These are a formed from a length of bar, similar to ordinary low strength eyebolts, but the head is bent into a helix so that it does not fully close on itself but can continue past 360 degrees. This allows the middle of a rope to be threaded into the eye without requiring access to an end.
  • Roller eyebolt: These are designed to guide a rope or cable so that it can pass smoothly with minimal friction. The head is actually an assembly with four rollers retaining the rope which passes through it.
Special Types of Eye Bolts

Eye bolts, a crucial fastening element, feature a circular loop at the apex, with variants in thread design – either machine screw or lag thread on the bolt’s body. At Gulian, our inventory encompasses a broad spectrum of eye bolts. We stock two primary categories: bent eye bolts, where the eye is integrated into the shaft, and forged eye bolts, characterized by a completely sealed eye. Our forged variants are available with options of shoulder and non-shoulder.

Stainless Steel Bent Eye Bolts:

Our selection of bent eye bolts is readily available in steel zinc and 18-8 stainless steel, inclusive of both machine and lag thread types for these materials. We excel in offering custom-designed bent eye bolts, tailored to your specific blueprints. These custom options span a diverse material range including grade 2, 5, and 8 steel, stainless steel (both 18-8 and 316 grades), aluminum, brass, silicon bronze, and more, catering to varied industrial requirements.

Forged Eye Bolts:

Forged eye bolts are the go-to choice for applications demanding a higher working load compared to bent eye bolts. Our standard offerings start from a ¼” diameter and extend up to 1” for readily available items. For custom orders, we can produce forged eye bolts up to 2-1/2” in diameter. These bolts are available with or without a shoulder, compatible with machine screw and lag screw configurations. Material options include plain steel, 18-8 stainless, and hot-dipped galvanized. We specialize in customizing eye bolts to meet specific thread lengths and eye dimensions. Our forged eye bolt collection also encompasses ring bolts (with or without shoulder), lifting eyes, and swivel hoist rings. Emphasizing quality and reliability, all our eye bolts are manufactured in the USA, ensuring adherence to high standards and meeting diverse industrial demands in sectors like automotive, chemical, marine, and military, among others.

What are eye bolts?

Eye bolts, a pivotal component in various industries, are crafted for hoisting diverse vertical loads. These bolts are primarily constructed from metals like aluminum, steel, or titanium, all known for their robustness and resilience, retaining their form even under substantial pressure. Eye bolts fall into two classifications: open or closed, contingent on the eye’s formation as a full circle or having an opening at any juncture. Closed, or turned, eye bolts might be fused at the joint, whereas open eye bolts typically feature an opening commensurate with the bolt rod’s diameter.

In terms of functionality, if an eye bolt is designed with a shoulder, it becomes suitable for angular loads, which is integral in rigging and lifting tasks. Conversely, those without a shoulder are better suited for straight, lighter loads that do not exert angular tension on the bolt.

When it comes to lifting tasks and establishing anchor points, the material selection for industrial bolts varies. Popular choices include stainless steel and galvanized steel bolts. Aluminum, being the lightest, is chosen for less demanding applications. Titanium, with its specialized attributes, finds use in sectors like aerospace or scientific research. Steel and stainless steel, known for their excellent load-bearing capacities, are widely utilized across numerous industries, including construction, marine, architectural, and rigging.

Stainless steel, celebrated for its endurance against moisture and high temperatures, boasts significant corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity even in harsh conditions. While galvanized steel may not rival stainless steel’s resistance to elements, it remains a robust and durable choice for various basic lifting and anchoring purposes. Moreover, galvanized steel bolts are generally more budget-friendly than their stainless steel counterparts, offering a cost-effective solution for numerous applications.

Eye bolt manufacturer

The eye, or loop, of an eye bolt, an essential product of eye bolt manufacturers, serves multiple purposes: it guides cables, ropes, or chains for lifting, directs wires in electronic setups, and acts as tie-downs in various applications. Eye bolts, skillfully crafted by eye bolt manufacturers, are engineered to handle different vertical loads and are typically made from robust metals like aluminum, steel, or titanium, all known for their strength and durability under pressure. These bolts are categorized as either open or closed, depending on the eye’s form – a complete circle or an opening. Closed, or turned, eye bolts, often welded at the join, contrast with open eye bolts where the opening matches the bolt rod’s diameter. Additionally, if an eye bolt, a specialty of eye bolt manufacturers, is designed with a shoulder, it’s suitable for angular loads, crucial in rigging and lifting applications. Without a shoulder, these bolts are ideal for straight, lighter loads.

Eye Bolt Manufacturer——Gulian

In the realm of industrial bolting, where eye bolt manufacturers like Gulian, Inc. play a pivotal role, a variety of materials are used. Common choices include stainless steel and galvanized steel bolts. Eye bolt manufacturers often use aluminum for its lightweight properties in less demanding applications. Titanium, on the other hand, is reserved for specialized uses, such as in aerospace or scientific fields. Steel, celebrated for its excellent load ratings, is a preferred material by eye bolt manufacturers for both steel and stainless steel bolts, catering to industries like construction, marine, architecture, and rigging.

Stainless steel, a favored material of eye bolt manufacturers, thrives in environments with moisture and high temperatures, boasting high corrosion resistance and longevity even in harsh conditions. While galvanized steel, another choice of eye bolt manufacturers, may not match stainless steel’s elemental resistance, it remains strong and durable, fitting for various basic lifting and anchoring tasks. Moreover, galvanized steel bolts, generally more affordable than stainless steel, offer a cost-effective alternative for numerous applications.

Eye bolts, a primary product from eye bolt manufacturers, are threaded bolts featuring a loop or eye at one end. This eye is designed for anchoring cables, ropes, or chains and is used in tie-down and wire-guiding applications. However, they are not typically recommended for lifting purposes. Eye bolt manufacturers often cater to specific requirements with made-to-order services.

Specials Made to Order by Eye Bolt Manufacturer——Gulian:

Anchor Bolts

Eye Bolts


Square U-Bolts

Round U-Bolts

All Thread Stud

Double-End Stud & Single-End Studs

All crafted by eye bolt manufacturers with short lead times

Eye Bolt Manufacturers offer U-Bolts in Various Materials:

Low Carbon Steel Eye Bolts

Plain Finish

Hot Dipped Galvanized

Zinc Plated

Hot Dipped Galvanized Coated

304 SST

316 SST

For any type of bolt, especially eye bolts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us as your reliable eye bolt supplier. Our range of products and materials is designed to meet diverse needs, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

What is the Machinery Eye Bolt?

Eye Bolts which have fully thread and may have a collar called Mechanical Eye Bolts. The collar can make the eye bolt suitable for angular loads up to 45°. And Eye Bolts without a shoulder should not be used for anguler loads.

The Usage of Heavy Forged Eye Bolts

Because Heavy Forged Eye Bolt with a continuous eye that it may be forged with an integral shoulder, which allowing it use for heavy off-aixis loads.

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