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Gmetal manufactures metal fastening and connecting parts, especially UBolts, which can be applied in many different ares. These include but are not limited to Antennamounting Facilities, Communication Industry, Construction, Electric Towers and Pipelines.

Main Characteristics

  • Black-oxide steel U-bolts have mild corrosion resistance
  • Zinc-plated steel U-bolts have good corrosion resistance in most environments.
  • Galvanized steel U-bolts have better corrosion resistance than black-oxide and zinc-plated steel U-bolts.
  • 304 stainless steel U-bolts have excellent corrosion resistance and good chemical resistance.

Precision Craftsmanship +Cutting-Edge Technology TAILORED SOLUTIONS

U-bolts, bent bolts, and threaded wire forms made to your specifications, exactly when you need it.

 Material Carbon Steel ,Stainless Steel
 Size M4-M42 (10#-1-5/8″)
Standards DIN3570 ,Custom-made size
 Surface Finish Hot dip galvanizing ,Plain ,Yellow Zinc Plate,Blackening ,Magni,Dacromet ,Geomet
 Thread Length based on customer’s requirements
Application Construction Fasteners , Oil & Gas Fasteners, Petrochemical Fasteners,telecommunication ,Solar ,Marine
Package Small box, or 25kgs/carton, 36cartons/pallet
Delivery: 30 days

Gmetal UBolts

There are many shapes of UBolts in Gmetal, like Standard UBolt, Square UBolt, V-Type UBolt and Flattened UBolt, we also provide Customized UBolt. The material of Gmetal Ubolts are stainless steel and low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel, which has good corrosion resistance。

Standard UBolt
Standard UBolt

Gmetal manufctures Standard UBolt in different  materials: Low Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

The size of Gmetal Standard UBolt are in wide variety: 1/4” , 3/8” , 5/16”.

Square UBolt
Square UBolt

Gmetal Square UBolt are made in different  materials: Low Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Gmetal fabricates Square UBolt in different sizes: 1/4” , 3/8” , 1/2” , 5/8”, 3/4”,  7/8”.

V-Type UBolt
V-Type UBolt

The V-Type UBolt can be applied in Antenna Mounting Construction that to secure the facility.

The material of Gmetal V-Type UBolt are in vary: Low Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Flattened UBolt
Flattened UBolt

Flat head bolts feature a flat head and a measurable side height that causes the bolts to protrude above the mating surface when tightened completely. Right below the flat head is a square neck and a threaded section with a unified thread pitch, which prevents them turning after the nut is tightened.

Standard Round bend U-bolts

Thread size :1/4″-20 ,5/16″-18,3/8″-16,1/2″-13,5/8″-11,3/4″-10,7/8″-9
Finish:Plain ,Z.P.,H.D.G. ,Magni ,Geomet ,Dacromet


Square -Bend U-Bolts include 2washers and 2nuts

Material:304stainless steel Plain ,Steel Hot Dipped Galvanized ,Steel Zinc Plated
Inside width :2inch ,4inch ,6inch ,8inch

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Benefits of UBolts

As a common fastner, UBolts have many advantanges like versatility, protection, reliablity and easy for installation.

  • Our company provide a wide variety sizes of UBolts that they are suitable for different constructions.

  • Protection

    Because we have different surface finishes that eliminates the contract of metal, which made the UBolts can use for long term.

  • Gmetal provides high abrasive and corrosive resistance through a continuous sheath which eliminates fraying and unraveling.

  • Easy of Installation

    The UBolt size has been considered to accommodate the coating thickness assuring a secure fit over the construction.

Low Carbon Steel UBolts

Gmetal manufacture UBolts in many materials espexially in Low Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. Low Carbon Steel is one of the advantages of the materials that Gmetal provided,  because is relatively low while it provides materials properties that are acceptable for many applications.

Low Carbon Steel has some advantages such as versatility

Low Carbon Steel UBolt
Stainless Steel UBolt

Stainless Steel UBolts

The another advantages of the material in Gmetal is that we also manufacture Stainless Steel UBolts. Stainless Steel is an alloy of iron that is resistant to rusting and corrosion. Stainless Steel is a highly durable metal known for its impressive hardness, its quality is primary due to the two presence of two key components:chromium and nickel.

Applications of UBolts

UBolt is a kind of metal fastening and connecting parts that used to sercure the sturdy of constructions. It used in many areas such as Antenna Mounting Facilities, Eletric Towers, Communication Infrastructure, constractions, tunnels, piplelines and so on.

  • Automotive Industry: Ubolts are widely used in the automotive industry for securing leaf springs, suspension components, and other parts of vehicle systems.
  • Construction: Ubolts find applications in construction for anchoring and supporting pipes, conduits, and cables to walls, beams, or other structures.
  • Marine Industry: Ubolts are employed in the marine industry for securing rigging and supporting components such as wire ropes, cables, and piping on boats and ships.
  • Electrical Installations: U-bolts are used to fasten electrical conduits, cables, and pipes to walls, ceilings, and supports in electrical installations.
  • Custom Fabrication: U-bolts are often employed in custom fabrication projects for creating supports, clamps, or brackets to secure and hold different components together.

It is a widly used metal fastening parts because the material of UBolts usually are the low carbon steel or the stainless steel which are corrosion resistant.

The Process of UBolts
  • “I will never regret to choose Gmetal be the UBolts Manufacturer of our company. The team always avaiable to answer questions which we asked. What’s more, they always solve our problems in a timely manner.”

  • “Gmetal is the best partner of our company, they always sevice us with the many options and the worker of Gmetal teams will give us advices to help us make the best choice for our company. “

At The Hangzhou Gulian, our expertise lies in crafting U-bolts. Our collection, encompassing both stock and wholesale U-bolts, is unmatched. Our range includes a variety of u-bolts: L-shaped anchor bolts, hook-like J anchor bolts, extended-leg Long Tangent u-bolts, conventional standard u-bolts, box-shaped Square u-bolts, supporting U-bolt plates, and so on.

Additionally, The Hangzhou Gulian extends the service of tailoring your u-bolts to meet specific requirements and functionalities. Rely on us as your primary source for u-bolt fabrication and procure your wholesale u-bolts with us today!

What are u-bolts?

U-bolts, characterized by their horseshoe shape and dual-threaded ends, function as anchors in the piping and pipeline realm. Their arch-like configuration is tailored to encircle pipes, which are then securely attached to another component through nuts. U-bolts primarily function as support, alignment, and anchorage devices. However, with specific setup alterations, they can double as line halters, facilitating temporary pipe closure solutions. Available in diverse diameters and dimensions, U-bolts offer versatile application possibilities.

Composition of U-Bolts

Diverse durable materials are utilized in crafting U-bolts, with plain carbon steel and stainless steel being the predominant choices. To combat deterioration, protective layers are sometimes applied. Common U-bolt coatings encompass:

  • Zinc Plating
  • Hot-Dip Galvanization
  • Thermoplastic Coating
  • Fluoropolymer Coating

U-Bolts: Navigational Aids or Secure Fasteners?

Primarily, U-bolts find their use in guiding and fastening pipes securely. They are also adept at functioning as stabilizers, preventing pipe displacement. U-bolts fall into two categories: gripped and non-gripped, depending on their intended role.

Non-Gripped U-Bolts: As Navigational Aids

The non-gripped U-bolt, common for its simplicity, operates as a pipe navigator. Installation involves placing one nut atop the support structure and another beneath, securing both nuts to leave a gap between the U-bolt and the pipe. This arrangement allows for unhindered axial movement, courtesy of the non-gripped U-bolt.

Gripped U-Bolts: As Secure Fasteners

Conversely, gripped U-bolts act as stabilizers, inhibiting pipe movement at the support point. For effective stabilization, a gripped U-bolt is installed snugly against the pipe, leaving no gap. Positioned and tightened at a secondary support’s base, it restricts axial pipe movement through the frictional interplay between the clamp and pipe surfaces, thus serving as a directional stabilizer. However, under increased axial forces and line stops, this frictional grip might not hold, particularly in smaller pipes, leading to potential slippage. This limitation underscores the selective effectiveness of U-bolt anchors based on pipe size.

Varieties of U-Bolts

Beyond their use in fastening tension clamps and ball sockets on transmission lines, U-bolts are mainly of two types: middle bandage U-bolts (equipped with a central protective layer to minimize friction with the attached objects) and square U-bolts (also termed square-bend U-bolts, characterized by their 90° angle at each bend). Square U-bolts might also include a bandage. Both bandage and square U-bolts are common in securing cross arms.

Mounting U-Bolts

Installing a pipe U-bolt is a straightforward process. The pipe’s OD (outer diameter) dictates the required U-bolt size. Ensuring the pipe fits within the bolt, it’s essential to match the nuts to the bolt’s threads. Then, based on the support type, drill the support beam, accurately align the bolt, and tighten the nuts.

Determining U-Bolt Dimensions

Irrespective of the bend style, U-bolt measurements follow a uniform method. Size is defined as diameter x leg spacing x leg length, factoring in the bend type, which could be square, round, or semi-circular.

U-Bolt Uses

U-bolts typically pair with pipes of corresponding size. While sizes vary, their purpose is to secure. U-bolts can accommodate tubes up to 30 inches in diameter with rod sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. They are versatile, often used as pipe-supporting tools.

U-bolts find frequent use in plumbing for lateral pipe stabilization. They are a go-to support for small-bore systems, commonly supporting bare pipes under 8 inches in diameter in industrial settings.

As mentioned earlier, U-bolts can function as supports, guides, or fasteners. They can enhance system stability by reducing line vibrations. U-bolts are advantageous for supporting vertical pipe runs. In shipping, they prevent pipe movement and damage during transport, countering irregular movements caused by heavy loads, directional changes, and other dynamics.

Selecting an Ideal U-Bolts Manufacturer

For optimal results when sourcing U-Bolts, it’s advisable to evaluate Hangzhou Gulian Metal Products Co., Ltd. Our profile page will showcase our expertise and capabilities, and includes a contact form for direct inquiries or quotes.

What are the common raw materials for UBolt manufacturing

The most common raw material used for making UBolts and oteher fasteners is the steel. But the Steel also can be devided into Low Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel in further. Apart from this materials, there are also other materials like Silicon, Bronze, Brass, Aluminum and other extoic materials can being used for manufacturing this product.

What are the four parts of a UBolt

As we all know, a UBolts have four parts.

  • Threading. Unlike JBolt and LBolt, a UBolt has two threading.
  • Shank. The shank is the most smooth part of a UBolt where devoid of threading.
  • Nuts and Plates.  A UBolt ausually comes with two nuts and two plates.
What is the best material to use for UBolts?

There is no doubt that the steeel is the best material for fasteners like UBolts. And the steel UBolts can furtherly devided into Low Carbon Steel UBolts and Stainless Steel UBolts.

What’s more, the steel UBolts are avaiable plain as well as with various surface treatments such as Zinc Plating, Galvanization, Powder Coating and so on. And Steel UBolt are commonly avaiable in 4 grades: Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 8 and Aolly Steel.

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