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GMP also manufactures CNC Machining Parts, which can be used in many applications such as Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Healthcare Sector and so on.


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GMP Capabilities


We operate machining centers with a wide variety of CNC equipment such as single axis lathes. What’s more, our CNC machining centers also utilize cutting edge 5-axis machines, which substantlly reduce turnaround time by eliminating intermediate setups and enabling undercuts and off-axis features.

High Speed
High Speed

The capacity of Gmetal allows us to create CNC Machined Parts with unrivaled speed. And at the same time, our experienced engineers ensure the highest standards with cutting edge software and equipment.

Precise Finishing
Precise Finishing

GMP offers a variety of expertly applied finishng options to improve the mechanical and aesthetic properties of your CNC machine component.

High Precision
High Precision

We are equipped with advanced CNC machines, so it is sure to say that its high accuracy, precision and tight tolerance range. And in fact, with these CNC machining equipments, GMP can accurately creat over 1000 units of identical parts while achieving tolerances smaller.

Applications of CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts can be applied in many industries which including but not limited as following:

  • Areospce Industry: The Aerospace Industry has a long-shared history with CNC Machining. Aircraft metal parts are machined with the highest level of precision. This is highly essential for saftety-critical applications. In addition, the range of CNC-compatible engineered metals provides aerospace engineers with a vast array of options.
  • Automotive Industry: The Automotive Industry often enjoys the usage of  CNC machines for prototpying and production.
  • Healthcare Sector: CNC Machining CNC machining provides access to a variety of medical safety materials. The process has many applications in the medical industry because it is suitable for one-off, custom parts. The tight tolerances provided by CNC machining are critical to the high performance of the processed medical parts.


Applications of CNC Machining Parts
Benefits of CNC Machining Parts

Benefits of CNC Machining Parts

When it comes to manufacturing parts, there are several benefits to be gained from using CNC Machining Parts. Chief among these benefits is accuracy. As machine use cutting tools to create precise and detailed shapes, they can produce parts that are more accurate than those created through other methods. And this means that parts can be produced with less variation, resulting in a more reliable and efficient in the final product.

The Process of CNC Machining Parts

When making parts with CNC Machines the accuracy is ensured by the use of cutting tools with consistent dimensions. This ensures that the parts are manufactured with the required precison.

The speed of a CNC Machine is also very impressive. In just a few simple steps, it can create parts at a high speeds that would take much longer to produce with other methods.

Finally, when producing parts with CNC Machines, it is possible to create multiple versions of a part without having to start from scratch. This allows for quick testing and modification before creating the final version of the part.


The Process of CNC Machining Parts
  • “It is our pleasure to be the partner of GMP, the team of Gmetal always ready to help us when we meet probems which can not solve by ourselves. And they always provide high quality of the CNC Machining Parts we ordered. And the delievery time of the products is timely.”

  • “GMP has many experienced designers who can help you to design the CNC Machining Parts if you can not provide the drawing to us. And all you need to do is to communicate with our designers and express your own ideas.”

The Information of CNC Machining Parts

The CNC Machining Parts in GMP are avaiable in maany different materials, the most common material we used is Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and copper. And the surface of our CNC Machining Parts are Anodized, Blasted, Polished, Eletroplated and Power coated. So you can choose the materials and the finishes you need for your products.

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