Custom U-bolts

What are u-bolts?

U-bolts, characterized by their horseshoe shape and dual-threaded ends, function as anchors in the piping and pipeline realm. Their arch-like configuration is tailored to encircle pipes, which are then securely attached to another component through nuts. U-bolts primarily function as support, alignment, and anchorage devices. However, with specific setup alterations, they can double as line halters, facilitating temporary pipe closure solutions. Available in diverse diameters and dimensions, U-bolts offer versatile application possibilities.

Custom U-bolts Tailored For Your Needs

Craft bespoke round bar suspension U-bolts conforming to prevailing industry norms, customizable to any dimensions you necessitate, employing grade 5 and 8 rods, catering to a variety of sizes and purposes.

How to Order Custom U-bolts

To procure custom round bar U-bolts, just delineate the specifics below. We’ll custom shape them while you pause:

  • Thread diameter
  • Inner width
  • Internal leg length
  • Bend type

Special-order forge-top U-bolts also accessible – advance notification required. Reach out to us for further details.

Primary Reasons For U-bolts Failure

Predominantly, deterioration due to usage leads to U-bolt failures, particularly in heavy-duty vehicles and trailers.

Corrosive environments, notably those with abundant rain and snow, can debilitate them over time.

Misalignment might lead to their fracture and loosening, further complicating issues with your vehicle.

Caution: Reusing old bolts is ill-advised. For optimal safety and performance, contact us for replacing aged, fractured, and impaired U-bolts with pristine ones, and for guidance on the most suitable size and type for your vehicle.

Indications of U-bolt Malfunctions

Noticeable signs of U-bolt failure include auditory rattling. Moreover, the leaf springs will cease to bear the vehicle’s weight, possibly leading to leaf spring breakage.

Your vehicle might also exhibit a lopsided posture and scrape over dips and bumps. Generally, maneuvering your vehicle becomes considerably more challenging.

Leaf Spring and Suspension U-Bolts

Secure U-bolt kits online. Each kit encompasses a pair of U-bolts along with nuts and washers. We also cater to custom U-bolt requests (for both small and large orders).

U-bolts with a 9/16″ diameter or smaller are crafted from 1541 Grade 5 Material. U-bolts with a diameter of 5/8″ or larger are made from Grade 8 material. U-bolts feature an ample amount of rolled threads on each leg.

We can also fabricate most suspension u-bolts to your specifications and expedite them the same day. Please provide the dimensions, the bend type, and the application. We will offer you a price inclusive of shipping.

A U-bolt performs four essential, interconnected functions:

Primarily, truck u-bolts exert the clamping force necessary to firmly bind the leaf spring and associated components together. These components include the top plate, axle seat, axle, and bottom plate.

The correctly installed u-bolt eradicates any flexing of the leaf spring in the zone between the u-bolts. This is crucial as the centerbolt hole in each leaf acts as a stress concentrator, which would lead to swift leaf breakage if spring flexing were not thoroughly negated by the U bolt clamping force.

By tightly clamping the spring to the axle seat, the lateral forces on the centerbolt are substantially reduced, thereby preventing centerbolt shearing.

Proper clamping by the truck u-bolts ensures the desired spring stiffness and aids in maintaining the vehicle’s designed ride height and handling characteristics.

How to measure u bolts?

Irrespective of the bend type, all Leaf Spring U-bolts are measured uniformly as shown here. The U-bolt dimensions are presented as:

Diameter (A) x Distance Between Legs (B) x Leg Length (C).

The bend type must also be specified; options include round, semi-round, or square.

Do not reuse auto or truck Leaf Spring U bolts

Previously used U-bolts will have rusted and damaged threads from their initial installation.

A U-bolt that has been torqued before will have distorted threads due to the engagement with the deep nut. Deep nuts are designed to be tightened once and re-torqued,

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