How to Attach an Antenna to Your Roof Without Damaging It

Avoid drilling holes in your roof when installing an antenna.

Even if you initially seal screw holes with roofing cement, it can eventually crack. This creates an entry point for water into your home and may even void your warranty. It’s better to be safe than sorry, but this doesn’t mean you can’t mount an antenna on your roof without a professional roofer’s help.

How to Mount an Antenna on Your Roof

To mount an antenna on your roof without causing damage, you can attach it to the gable, the fascia, or the chimney. Alternatively, consider using non-penetrating mounts that rely on weights (rather than screws) to stay secure. Be sure not to drill holes in your roof to attach your antenna.

On a Gable

This location is popular in areas like Phoenix. It allows you to elevate the antenna and direct it toward significant landmarks like South Mountain without needing to drill into your roof.

On the Fascia

If your home doesn’t have a gable end facing the desired direction, you can still mount an antenna to the fascia of your home using a J-mount.

Note: Ensure the fascia is in good condition and you are screwing into solid wood. If the wood is rotted, it will not securely hold a TV antenna.

On Your Chimney

You can purchase a kit that allows you to strap your antenna to the chimney.

Important Notes for Chimney Mounts:

  • Smoke and ash may interfere with your signal, making this option suitable only if you do not use your fireplace.
  • The chimney must be in good condition, as the security of the mount is as reliable as what it’s attached to. If your chimney is crumbling, consider repairing it before mounting anything.

With Non-Penetrating Mounts

These mounts sit on your roof but are held in place by weights (typically cinder blocks), not screws.

There’s also a specific type for pitched roofs, though it can be somewhat risky.

Make sure that your roof can support the weight of the cinder blocks, which are quite heavy.

In Your Attic

Although not exactly on your roof, mounting your TV antenna in the attic is an option that reduces your signal strength by 30-50%. This can be effective if you have a strong signal in your area.

If you live further from the city (like in Florence) or have a metal roof, the attic might not be a viable option.

Where Not to Install an Antenna: Your Plumbing Vent

As seen on a home inspector forum, while installing an antenna on your plumbing vent avoids roof penetration, it’s not advisable. The mast and bolts could obstruct the vent, which plumbers would recommend against.


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