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OEM Metal Stamping Parts refer to metal components or parts that are fabricated through the process of metal stamping by an Original Equipment Manufacturer. Metal stamping is a fabrication process in which a flat sheet or strip of metal is transformed into a required shape through the use of specialized presses and tools. And the procedure involves the application of high pressure to deform and shape the metal, usually with the help of manipulations such as cutting, bending, stamping and embossing. OEM metal stampings are produced to meet specific requirements and designs provided by the OEM or customer. These parts are customized to satisfy the required specifications, including dimensions, tolerances, surface finishes and functional requirements.

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Metal Stamping is easily scalable to accommodate different manufacturing volumes, this makes it suitable for both prototyping and high-volume manufacturing, providing flexibility to meet changing market demands.

Sophisticated Design

Gmetal has the abality to produce Metal Stamping Parts with features such as embossing, ribbing, indentations or other complex shapes allows for greater design flexibility and functionality.

Surface Finishes

Metal stamping can provide excellent surface finishes on stamped parts. Depending on the particular required finish, various surface treatments such as polishing, plating, painting or powder coating can be applied to enhance the appearance, corrosion resistance or other functional properties of the part.


As we all know that Metal Stamping is an effecient manufacturing process, and Gmetal equipt with advanced accessories, that once the stamping tools are set up, the production cycles can proceed quickly and consistently.

The Advantages of OEM Metal Stamping Parts

OEM metal stamping parts offer several advantages over alternative manufacturing methods. The major advantages of OEM Metal Stamping Parts are as following:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Metal Stamping is an efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process, especially for high-volume operations. The use of specialized dies and presses enables rapid and automated production, reducing labor costs and increasing overall productivity.
  • High Precision and Accuracy: Metal stamping enables the production of complex and intricate parts with consistent precision and accuracy. The use of precision molds and advanced stamping technology ensures that each part is produced to exacting tolerances, resulting in a high degree of dimensional accuracy and uniformity.
  • Strength and durability: Stamped metal parts exhibit excellent strength and endurance. The process produces parts with high structural integrity, ensuring that they can withstand rigorous use and demanding operating conditions. This makes metal stamping ideal for applications where strong and reliable parts are required.


The Advantages of OEM Metal Stamping Parts
Applications of OEM Metal Stamping Parts

Applications of OEM Metal Stamping Parts

OEM Metal Stamping Parts are used in a wide range of industries and sectors. The common applications are including aerospace sections, medical equipment, automotive assemblies,  hardware and any other industrial equipments.

  • Aerospace: OEM Metal Stamping Parts play a vital role in the aerospace industry, where precision, reliability and weight reduction are essential.
  • Medical Devices: Metal Stamping Parts are also used in medical applications for their precision and reliability.
  • Automotive Industry: Metal Stamping Parts are employed in a wide variety of applications in the automotive industry including brackets, clamps and connectors.
OEM Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturer in China
OEM Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturer in China

Gmetal manufacures OEM Metal Stamping Parts in different materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and so on. And the choice of material depends on factors including strength, corrosion resistence, conductivity and cost.

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OEM Metal Stamping Parts In GMP 

The process of OEM Metal Stamping Parts consists of  a few steps that transform raw materials into finished stampings. The following is a generalm overview of the process:

  • Design and engineering: The first step is to creat product concepts and establish detailed specifications for metal stampings. This includes determining dimensions, tolerances, material selection and required features.
  • Tool and die design: Once the design of the part is defined, the tool and die engineer creates the necessary tools, dies and fixtures for the stamping process. These tools are used to mold the raw material into the required part. Tool and die design involves precise engineering to ensure proper part shaping and accuracy.
  • Material selection and preparation: Appropriate metal materials are selected based on the requirements of the part, such as strength, durability and conductivity. Then these raw materials are prepared for the stamping process by flattening, cutting and possibly lubricating the surface to reduce friction during the stamping process.
  • Feeding and stamping process: The prepared metal material is fed into the press manually or automatically. And depending on the specific design of the part, the material is cut, bent, punched or shaped.
  • Secondary operations: After the initial stamping process, additional secondary operations may be performed to refine the stamped part. These operations can include trimming excess material, deburring to remove sharp edges, cleaning, surface preparation or any other finishing required.
  • Inspection and quality control: Stamped parts are rigorously inspected to ensure that they meet specified dimensions, tolerances, and quality standards.

    Metal Stamping for Diverse OEM Applications


    In the dynamic landscape of original equipment manufacturing, precision metal stamping emerges as a pivotal solution for producing a spectrum of parts and machinery, especially in substantial quantities. At Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company, our expertise pivots around fabricating bespoke precision metal stamped parts, specifically tailored for diverse OEM needs. Our extensive arsenal of materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and comprehensive secondary services enable us to engineer finely-tuned solutions for your unique project specifications.

    Understanding OEMs in Varied Industries

    The term OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, refers to entities that craft parts and components subsequently utilized by other firms in assembling their end products. Although OEMs operate across a myriad of sectors, they are predominantly associated with the automotive domain. An automotive OEM, for instance, might produce integral components like manifolds, catalytic converters, or exhaust brackets, which are then procured by car manufacturers for the assembly of vehicles, ultimately reaching dealerships.

    Distinguishing OEM and Aftermarket Components

    OEM and aftermarket parts stand apart in several ways. OEM components are bespoke creations, designed for specific original products. Conversely, aftermarket parts are crafted by alternate manufacturers and often serve as substitutes for original components. Despite their potential cost-effectiveness and accessibility, aftermarket parts can vary in quality and compatibility, unlike OEM parts that are characterized by uniformity in quality and design, adhering to precise specifications.

    Versatility in Production: Short Run and High Volume Metal Stamping

    Our capabilities at Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company encompass both short-run and large-scale metal stamping production, accommodating both modest and extensive customer requirements. We handle a variety of materials—aluminum, brass, nickel, carbon steel, copper, and plastics—and employ diverse production techniques like coining, compound die, progressive die, pierce die, deep drawn, etc., to manufacture metal stamped parts and components that precisely align with your specifications.

    Short Run Metal Stamping for Diverse Sectors

    Short run metal stamping typically involves producing fewer than 5,000 parts. This approach is ideal for varied industry applications—automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics, among others—where projects demand brief lead times and swift delivery.

    High Volume Metal Stamping for Major Industries

    In contrast, high volume metal stamping is geared towards producing over 5,000 parts per batch. This method is particularly advantageous for major sectors like automotive and aerospace, offering benefits like speedy production, minimal waste, rapid setup, consistent repeatability, material and technique versatility, and reduced cost per part.

    Selecting Manor Tool for Your OEM Metal Stamping Needs

    For OEMs, metal stamping is an invaluable process, known for its expedited turnaround times and cost efficiency. At Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company, our extensive background in metal stamping and deep drawn stamping, utilizing various materials and methodologies, positions us as a preferred provider for custom stamped parts and components. We are committed to collaborating closely with you to develop solutions that precisely meet your requirements. To discover more about our metal stamping capabilities, or to initiate your next project, we invite you to contact us or request a quote today.

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