The Way GMP Control The Quality

The following is the main steps that Gmetal uses to effectively control the quality of metal parts:

  • Define Clear Specifications and Standards:Clearly define the specifications, tolerances, dimensions, materials, and other critical factors for the metal parts.
    Refer to industry standards, customer requirements, and regulatory guidelines to establish a benchmark for quality.
  • Quality Management System(QMS):Implement a comprehensive quality management system that outlines procedures, responsibilities, and documentation for quality control throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Supplier Selection and Auditing: Choose reputable and reliable suppliers for raw materials, ensuring that their quality control processes align with your requirements.Conduct supplier audits to evaluate their manufacturing processes and quality management practices.
  • Process Control: Implement process controls to monitor and regulate critical manufacturing parameters, such as temperature, pressure, speed, and more.Regularly calibrate and maintain production equipment to ensure accuracy.
  • In-Process Inspection: Perform inspections at various stages of production to identify any deviations from specifications early on.
    Use techniques like visual inspections, dimensional measurements, and non-destructive testing methods.
  • Quality Assurance Testing: Conduct thorough testing of finished metal parts to validate their functionality, performance, and durability.Use destructive and non-destructive testing methods, such as tensile testing, hardness testing, and X-ray inspections.
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