Solar Mounting Accessories

Solar Mounting Accessories

Gulian has been fabricating Solar Mounting Accessories for many years. And all types are customizable in sizes and materials to meet your needs.

  • You can Customized Solar Mounting Accessories  in shapes, sizes, and materials as you want.
  • Solar Mounting Accessories are easy to applied in a structure.
  • Our Solar Mounting Accessories are good withstand the weight. 
  • Solar Mounting Accessories resist the forces of enviromental factors well.

The Function of Solar Mounting Bracket Accessories

Solar mounting accessories serve several important functions in the installation of solar panels. Here are some key functions of Gulian solar mounting accessories:

Structural Support: Solar mounting accessories provide the structural support necessary to securely hold solar panels in place. They are designed to withstand the weight of the panels, as well as environmental loads such as wind, snow, and seismic forces. The brackets distribute the weight of the panels evenly to ensure stability and prevent damage to the panels or the mounting surface.

Panel Orientation and Tilt Angle: Solar mounting accessories allow for proper orientation and tilt angle adjustment of the solar panels. The brackets provide the flexibility to adjust the angle of the panels according to the geographical location and seasonal variations.

Durability and Corrosion Resistance: Solar mounting accessories are constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel, to withstand outdoor exposure and harsh weather conditions. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the mounting system, protecting the panels and maintaining their structural integrity over time.

Compatibility with Mounting Surfaces: Solar mounting accessories are designed to be compatible with different types of mounting surfaces, such as rooftops, open fields, or specialized solar structures.

Solar Mounting Accessories

Gulian Solar Mounting Accessories are the metal fastening parts applied in solar racking roof to secured the solar pannel. Although,they have many variety shapes, size and materials.

Stainless Steel Roof Hooks
Stainless Steel Roof Hooks With Twisted Bar

Vertical mounting on profile roofs.

  • Material Thickness: 5 mm
  • Total height: 155 mm
  • Lower leg length: 49 mm vertical
  • Horizontal leg length: 130 mm
  • Solt on leg: 38 mm und Ø 9mm
  • Drilling base plate: 12 × Ø 7 mm
2 times Adjustable Stainless Steeel Roof Hooks
2 times Adjustable Stainless Steeel Roof Hooks
  • Material Thickness: 6 mm
  • Total height: 170 mm
  • Lower leg length: 40-59 mm vertical
  • Horizontal leg length: 120 mm
  • Solt on leg: 38 mm und Ø 9mm
  • Total adjustablility: 57 mm
  • Drilling base plate: 12 × Ø 7 mm
Solar Roof Mount Bracket Hook
Solar Hook
  • Solar mounting hooks are pre-assembled and the entire installation system is highly efficient and cost-saving.
  • The installer will drill screws on roof and install panel brackets at these locations.
  • Solar mounting hooks are applicable to all standard tile roofs.
GMP Solar Mounting Bracket
Solar Roof Mount Bracket Hook
  • Solar Mounting Bracket has high-strength performance and beautiful appearance.
  • Gulian has different hook styles for you to choose-fixed and adjustable type, which can meet different tile roofs.
  • Roof hooks or brackets with tilt-in modules in Gulian are easy to install.
Aluminium Roof Hook
Aluminium Roof Hooks
  • Base plate: 100 × 95 ×40 mm
  • Holes: 8 × Ø 7 mm
  • Max. height adjustance: 21 mm to rail area
  • Height: 40 to 51.5 mm in roof batten area
  • Weight: 0.48 kg
  • With adjustable bracket for vertical and horizontal system installation support profile
Stainless Steel Heavy Loads Roof Hook
Stainless Steel Heavy Loads Roof Hook

Mounting on profile tiles. In the comfort version are support bracket for the base rails and small parts for the rail connection to the roof hooks pre-assembled.

  • Material Thickness: 8 mm
  • Total height: 225 mm
  • Solt on leg: 30 mm und Ø 9mm
  • Drilling base plate: 7 × Ø 9 mm
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The Advantage of Gulian Antenna Mounting Accessories


Solar Mounting Accessories is solid and durable. It is well to withstand rain, snow,wind and other environmental factors without deterioring or corroding.


Gulian Solar Mounting Bracket Accessories can be customized so it will compatible with the specific solar panels’  requirements.


Metal is one of the most environmental friendly materials. So Solar Mounting Bracket Accessories is a more eco-friendly and long-term solution.


Solar Mounting Bracket Accessories is a eco-effective option for antenna mounting. Its strength and longevity will serve for a long time. So there is no need to replace or do daily maintenance.

Advanced Equipments for Solar Mounting Bracket Accessories

In order to manufacture high quality Solar Mounting Bracket Accessories, Gulian adopted advanced facilities like cuttig equipment, welding equipment, drilling and machining equipment, finishing equipment and measurement and inspection tools.

  • Cutting Equipment: These machines can be used to cutting metal sheets automatively, bending metal sheets into desired shapes and angles and rolling metal sheets into curved or cylindrical shapes.
  • Welding Equipment: These machines can welding metal components precisely.
  • Drilling and Machining Equipment: These machines can drilling holes in metal components, creating slots or chamfers on metal brackets and turning cylindrical metal components.
  • Finishing Equipment: These machines used for smoothing and finishing metal surfaces.
  • Measurement and Inspection Tools: These machines are used for measurements of dimensions, tolerances and thicknesses


Advanced Facilities
Solar Mounting Bracket Cpabilities

The key benefits of Solar Mounting Bracket Accessories

Gulian Solar mounting bracket Accessories offer several advantages in the installation and operation of solar panel systems:

  • Optimal Panel Orientation and Tilt: Solar mounting bracket Accessories enable the adjustment of panel orientation and tilt angle, maximizing the exposure of solar panels to sunlight. By optimizing the panel’s angle towards the sun, solar energy generation is enhanced, leading to higher energy yields and improved system performance.
  • Durability and Longevity: Solar mounting bracket accessories are constructed from durable materials, such as aluminum or galvanized steel, that are resistant to corrosion and degradation. These materials ensure the longevity and reliability of the mounting system, withstanding exposure to harsh weather conditions and UV radiation.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Solar mounting brackets help to improve the energy efficiency of the solar panel system. By providing proper ventilation and airflow behind the panels, they help dissipate heat and reduce the risk of overheating, thereby maintaining the panels’ efficiency and prolonging their lifespan.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Solar mounting bracket accessories offer cost-effective solutions for solar panel installation. They are designed for efficient use of materials, optimized manufacturing processes, and ease of installation, reducing overall project costs. Additionally, the durability and reliability of the brackets contribute to long-term cost savings by minimizing maintenance and repair expenses.
Solar Mounting Brackets Manufacturer
Your Professional Solar Mounting Bracket Accessories Manufacturer in China

Gulian has been engaged in metal fastening parts for many years, and we offer complete customization services for the hardwares of solar mounting panels accoring to customs’ requirements.

  • “Our company never regret choosing Gulian as our business partner and supplier. The accessories that we need were arrived on time. We receive the exact sizes, materials, and quantities. “

  • “Cooperating with Gulian is the best decision that our company made. The provid us with all custom solar mounting accessories that we needed. And always giving us the services and assistance that we need.”

  • ”Our company does highly appriciate all the efforts that Gulian provided. We are incredibly amazed at the quality level, appropriateness, and sturdiness of all the custom solat mounting hardwares.”

The Resource of Solar Mounting Accessories

Solar Mounting Accessories, which also called Solar Panel Mounts are the foundation for securing solar arrays. Mounts are used to secure solar panels to the roof or ground.

With proper installation, a sturdy mount can hold your panels in place during inclement wether and protect your investment.

Gulian offers a comprehensive suite of solar mounting accessories, catering to the needs of solar installers, distributors, or EPC firms. Our standard lineup includes solar roof hooks, Solar Panel Mounting Brackets, mid clamps, and solar bracket hooks. For tailored solutions, we invite you to reach out to us for customizations.

Securing solar panels is a key process in capturing sustainable, green energy from the sun’s rays. Ensuring that these panels are correctly affixed, whether on rooftops, poles, or ground setups, is crucial for the best sun exposure and peak energy output. Precise installation and alignment are vital to the enduring efficiency and sustainability of the your solar power system, guaranteeing dependable inventory data from remote bins and tanks well into the future.

A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Mounting Bracket Accessories

With the surge in solar panel installations for residential and commercial use, understanding the mounting process becomes essential. While information on solar panel reviews and manufacturers is readily available, finer details, like mounting techniques, are less discussed.Gulian will guide you through the selection process of solar mounting bracket accessories.

What is Solar Panel Mounting and Racking?

Solar panel mounting systems are crucial for securely installing panels and ensuring they capture maximum sunlight. These mounts can be placed on roofs, poles, or equipped with trackers for optimal positioning. A robustly mounted solar array is designed to endure for years and resist extreme weather conditions. Many manufacturers offer versatile, stationary mounting solutions that fit various solar panel models, incorporating considerations like wind and snow load in their design. While stationary mounts are simple and cost-efficient, custom or tracking mounts, though more costly, may be necessary for certain installations.

Choosing the right mounting system is critical; it must adhere to safety and durability standards. Opting for inferior mounts could lead to damage under inclement weather, jeopardizing both your solar investment and your electricity supply.

Solar Panel Mounting Essentials

A solar mounting system consists of:

  • Roof Attachments – Fasteners for securing mounting rails to different types of roofs.
  • Mounting Rails – The structural support that holds solar panels in place, available in various sizes for different loads.
  • Module Clamps – Adjustable clamps that attach solar panels to the mounting rails, compatible with all standard panels.

Together, these components ensure a secure and efficient setup for solar installations.

Gulian’s array of standard offerings features solar roof hooks, solar panel mounting brackets, mid clamps, and bracket hooks designed for solar installations. Should you require customized solutions, we encourage you to contact us to discuss personalized options.

Where to Buy Solar Panel Mounts

Solar panel mounts can be acquired through specialized distributors such as Gulian, who is also a manufacturer to provide top-tier products directly to customers, bypassing the added costs and complexities of purchasing via solar installers.

Typically, mounts are sold as separate components rather than complete systems, to accommodate the vast array of roof dimensions, pitches, and styles, as well as the number of panels in your setup.

How Much Does it Cost to Mount Solar Panels?

The cost for solar panel mounts can fluctuate, influenced by:

The chosen racking type

The quantity of required equipment

The method of installation (whether professionally or as a DIY project)

A general guideline is to allocate around 10% of your total solar system’s cost to the mounting components. So for a solar system priced at $10,000, you would likely invest approximately $1,000 in mounting.

Choosing the Right Solar Mounts for Your Installation

Navigating the market for solar mounts can be daunting, but a systematic approach will help you pinpoint the perfect fit for your project.

Consider your budget and site-specific requirements when selecting a mount material. Here’s a brief on common materials:

Aluminum – Favoured for its lightweight durability and corrosion resistance, aluminum is user-friendly, allowing for easy drilling and compatibility with most solar panel frames. However, it’s not the best candidate for welding.

Angle Iron – Though it’s straightforward to manipulate, angle iron is prone to rust, especially in moist environments. Galvanization can mitigate corrosion, but exposure can still lead to rust over time. It’s widely available and simple to weld.

Stainless Steel – On the pricier side and challenging to handle, stainless steel’s longevity makes it a sound choice, particularly in coastal areas with salty air.

Each material has distinct properties that could make it the most viable option for your solar mounting needs.

Quick Guide to Solar Mount Installation

Whether you’re considering a DIY project or a professional installation for your solar mounts, here are key tips:

  • Ensure the mounting base can handle your area’s wind and snow loads. Consult a local contractor for advice on anchoring your system.
  • Secure the mount structure firmly, with all panels properly restrained.
  • For roof installations, maintain at least a 3-inch gap for airflow beneath the array for cooler operation and higher energy output.
  • Use flashing to prevent leaks when penetrating the roof.
  • Attach roof attachments to rafters for stability. If sizes don’t match, use 2 x 6-inch blocks between rafters for a solid attachment point.
  • Avoid fastening solely to the roof’s plywood to prevent damage, especially in windy regions.
What are the different types of Antenna Brackets?

Common types include mag mounts, ball mounts, bed mounts, clamps, clip and lip mounts, glass mounts, brackets, quick disconnects, pocket mounts, post mounts, springs and guys, trailer hitch mounts, whips and mast mounts, and other unlisted mounts that may vary by manufacturer.

What is the best mounting structure for solar panels?

Until now, one of the most common types of solar panel installation is the roof-mounted system. As the name implies, dolar panels are fixed directly to the roof. It also means that soalr panels on the roof are a cost effective solution, which can provide good ventilation and optimal performance for your panels.

Why are solar panels placed at an angle?

The tilt of the panels is important because your panels will produce the most energy when the sun is directly perpendicular to the panels. What’s more, if the solar panel is flat on the roof, they will collect water, shich can build up on the surface and damage the solar cells. So, it is best to have them angled, but not too much, just a three to four degress tilt to ensure that the rain constantly slides over the surface and collect more energy.

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