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Gmetal provide Wire Cutting Service for your needs.

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  • Wire Cutting 1
  • Wire Cutting 2
  • Wire Cutting 3
  • Wire Cutting 4
  • Wire Cutting 5

Gmetal Wire Cutting Service

Wire Cutting is suitable for a wide range of materials, including metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and exotic alloys. And it is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, tool and die manufacturing, medical devices, and automotive, where intricate and precise parts are required.

Gmetal also provides Wire Cutting Service including the service of following:
  • Gmetal can offer design assistance to optimize your designs for wire cutting. The team of Gmetal will provide recommendations on design modifications to achieve better cutting results or suggest alternative approaches for complex or intricate shapes.
  • Gmetal also offers secondary operations to complement the wire cutting process. These operations can include deburring, cleaning, surface finishing, heat treatment, or other post-processing services to further refine the wire-cut parts and meet your specific requirements.
  • Gmetal have quality assurance measures in place to ensure the accuracy and quality of the wire cutting parts. Our team conduct inspections, dimensional checks, or other quality control processes to verify that the parts meet the specified tolerances and requirements.
Advantages of Laser Cutting

The Advantages of Gmetal Wire Cutting

Equipt with advanced Wire EDM Machines, compared with other companies, Gmetal has many advantages:

  • High Productivity
  • Wide Processsing Range
  • Low Requirements On Product Shape
  • High Tolerance
  • Low Cost
  • High Security

The Process of Wire Cutting

The wire cutting machine works by sending a current between the wire and the workpiece, causing millions of sparks to fly. And the Wire Cutting process uses water as its dielectric fluid, controlling its resistivity and other electrical prospecties with filters and PID controlled de-ionizer units. The water flushes the cut debris away from the cutting zone.

Laser Cutting Machine

Relevant Information About Wire Cutting

Just like EDM, Wire Cutting  is exceedingly precise process. However, it is a slow process and the speed increases exponentially as the thickness of the material being cut increases. To preform wire cutting, you need a solid CAD model of the part so that the machine has a model to generate the cut path. It has a ggod surface finish and can also produce complex or delicate patterns.

The Basic principles of wire cutting

Wire cutting, which is also known as Wire EDM is based off the identical principle as a conventional EDM. It uses an electrically charged electrode, so when it approaches a conduactive material, electricity jumps to it. This creates a spark, which falls on the conductive material and erodes it.

The differences between wire cutting and laser cutting

In brief, each process performs beat on different applications. Laser cutting is suitable for the hardest materials while wire cutting is capable for cutting thicker materials. Wire cutting can also work within much tighter tolerances than laser cutting.

  • The Process. Laser Cutting is a precision technique that uses a beam of light to burn or melt a path through the material being cut. Wire Cutting, one the other hand, uses an electrically charged wire to machine and cut through material.
  • Material. Laser Cutting begins with a contact point, and that contact point must first pierce through the entirety of the piece of material. So the material with lighter, thinner and non-reflective can work best with Laser Cutting. Wire Cutting does require electricty, the material must be conductive, meaning that it must be a metal or an alloy, and this process is capable of cutting very thick metals.
  • Tight Tolerances. Laser Cutting has the ability of machining tolerances up to .001 inches.While Wire Cutting is extremely precise, which capable of machining to .0001 inches. This also means that Wire Cutting process is slower than Laser Cutting.
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