Top 10 Fastener Manufacturing Companies Globally

Fasteners, pivotal in various industries, are small yet vital components, integral in assembling everything from airplanes to automobiles, and from houses to bridges. The global fasteners market is experiencing significant growth, projected to surpass $100 billion by 2027. Understanding the key players in this expanding market is critical, especially the top 10 fastener manufacturers worldwide.

Statistical analysis reveals that the majority of fastener manufacturing companies are primarily concentrated in four countries: Germany, China, the United States, and Japan. Notably, fastener manufacturers in China hold a prominent position in both production and export, establishing themselves as one of the largest fastener manufacturers on the global stage.

Prominent Fastener Manufacturing Companies Globally

In the realm of fastener manufacturing companies, the below table encapsulates the eminent entities in this sector. This eclectic compilation provides a quick glance at the top 10 fastener manufacturing companies globally, facilitating an effortless access to crucial information.

Wurth Group

Esteemed in the fastener industry, Wurth Group boasts a conglomerate of over 400 subsidiaries in upwards of 80 countries, catering to 3.6 million clients globally. Their spectrum encompasses fasteners, chemicals, safety gear, tools, and inventory management solutions, employed across automotive, chemical, and various other industries. Their global head office is nestled in Künzelsau, Germany.

Southern Fasteners & Supply, Inc.

This company avails a wide range of fasteners, exceeding 130,000 unique varieties, aligning with specific application needs. They rigorously inspect for dimensional accuracy and material integrity. Their Vendor Management Inventory service (VMI) and Service Technicians actively monitor client demands, ensuring constant supply. Adherence to ISO 9001 and AS9120B certifications underpins the superiority of their fastener products.

Alcoa Corporation

Alcoa Corporation’s Fastening Systems division is a renowned name in the design and production of specialized fasteners and systems for aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors. Additionally, Howmet Aeronautical, its latest independent spinoff, delves into industrial fastening solutions in aerospace. Their headquarters are located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

LISI Group

LISI Group, a global manufacturer of metal components, spans across the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. With divisions like LISI Medical, LISI Automotive, and LISI Aerospace, they offer fastening systems and components worldwide. Operating 45 industrial sites across 13 countries, their central management is in Paris, France.


ARaymond specializes in devising fastening solutions for sectors such as automotive, industrial, energy, agriculture, and life sciences. Their global presence includes facilities in 25 countries, with over 7000 employees, having developed more than 1000 innovative fastening solutions in 2018. Their main office is in Grenoble, France.

Fontana Gruppo

Located in Veduggio, Italy, Fontana Gruppo stands as a conglomerate of international fastener producers, offering standard and bespoke components, structural products, and varied fastening solutions. They serve the distribution, automotive, agricultural, construction, aerospace, and military sectors from over 50 global locations.

Accurate Manufactured Products Group, Inc.

This company is devoted to designing and producing fasteners, production aids, and measuring tool accessories tailored to client requirements. They promise rapid dispatch of in-stock items from their extensive inventory, with a focus on speed, cost-efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


Operating in 12 global locations, KAMAX Group is a leader in producing high-strength fasteners and cold-formed parts primarily for the automotive industry. Their clientele includes notable names like Ford, Honda, and Jaguar. The global head office of KAMAX Group is in Homberg, Germany.

Aoyama Seisakusho

Based in Aichi, Japan, Aoyama Seisakusho is a key player in the production of automotive fasteners. They manage comprehensive processes from wire drawing to shipping in 6 countries, directly from their facilities.

Agrati Group

The Agrati Group, from Veduggio, Italy, is a global manufacturer of fasteners for OEM and Tier 1 clients. With 12 production sites, they produce 160,000 tons of products annually, offering services across three continents to the automotive, OEM, distribution, and other industrial sectors.


For those in pursuit of high-quality fasteners, Linquip emerges as a reliable option. Explore more on Linquip’s website and connect with their Fasteners Experts for detailed information.

Popular Fasteners and Their Manufacturers

In the array of fastener types, which includes bolts, nuts, screws, studs and rods, washers, bolts stand out as the most commonly utilized in industrial and construction arenas. These fasteners are pivotal in securely joining unthreaded components. Gmetal, as a notable domestic bolt manufacturer in China, specializes in fabricating and exporting various bolt types, such as hex bolts, U-bolts, and anchor bolts, akin to many fastener manufacturing companies.

Identifying Manufacturers of Nuts and Bolts

Locating a manufacturer of fasteners or bolts in China is relatively straightforward, given the abundance of domestic bolt and nut manufacturers. Among them, some rank as the largest fastener manufacturers globally. Particularly, Ningbo fasteners, where our factory is situated, is renowned as a hub for fastener manufacturing. This region excels in both small and large-scale production of bolts, employing methods like cold forging and hot forging. Regardless of the type, whether standard or custom, our facility is equipped to produce an extensive range of bolts. For inquiries about standard or custom fasteners and bolts, contact us at for prompt assistance and detailed information.

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